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.little moments.

So you know those moments?  The ones that are so simple yet totally capture your attention, and somehow they make your whole day better?  Well I've had a few of those in the past couple days and thought I'd share.

1st moment:  Thursday morning I was babysitting for Kyrie.  We were playing, and she kept climbing into this round floaty.  She'd plop herself down in the middle and then shove in her little legs.  Here's a picture...

I laughed off and on about this for the rest of the morning.  You might have had to be there..and I know you wish you had been.

2nd moment: So after babysitting on Thursday, I had to make a run to Target.  Sometimes I go to Target with no goal in mind (just because it's my happy place.)  Thursday I really did have things to buy.  That is not important.  This moment happened as I was walking up to the entrance to Target.  A little boy (he couldn't have been older than 5) and his dad (who cares how old he was) were also walking up, and I heard the little boy humming something.  What was it?  Oh you know.  The theme song to Star Wars.  Now if you don't like Star Wars, you probably won't understand this at all.  But I actually like Star Wars.  I blame it on all the boys in my family that I grew up with.  Anyway.  I thought it was SO cute.  He sung it walking through the parking lot, into Target, and he was still humming when I turned onto a different isle.  Whether he kept it up throughout his whole Target trip, I don't know...but I sure hope so.  That little guy is going to be a nerd for sure.  I love it.

3rd moment:  Today I was hanging out with my kids. (I don't have kids.  When I say "my kids", I don't really mean MINE...I just mean the kids I babysit.  Now y'all know..for future reference.)  Anyway.  They are my favorite.  Connor went down for a nap, and Evie asked me if I would color with her.  She set up her little chairs at the coffee table for us, and we started coloring in her Toy Story coloring book.  She likes to pick pages side by side that haven't been colored on yet, so that we both have something to color.  It's so cute.  In the middle of crayons and Toy Story, Evie looked at me and said, "Megan.  You are a good colorer."  Nothing like words from a 4 year old to boost your self esteem...even if it is just about my crayon skills.

I love megan & evie time.

4th moment: Ok ok.  I know all my stories have been about kids, but some of my favorite moments come from silly/cute things they do or say. 
Just watch:

My favorite part is Connor saying "go vols! go vols!" in the background...oh and the "go me!" was pretty awesome too.

There ya go, folks.  Some of my favorite little moments from this week. 

Later y'all.
Natalie said...

ha. all are very cute. you were right on #1 - i think you had to be there...

my fav was for sure #2! haha... too cute.

#3 - you're so good cause you had a college class on it! ha

#4 - "go me!!" tooooooo cute

Laney Ruth said...

GO ME, GO ME! best part. :) and i have to say, i really want to meet this star-wars kid, he seems like my type, just saying.

Lindsey said...

#1 was definitely my favorite. :)