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.creative thinking.

So I've talked about how I love making cards for people.  Well this year for Christmas, I made all of my Christmas cards and half of my presents.  Let me just say that I LOVED IT.  Ever since I graduated, I haven't really done anything super creative (other than the occasional card).  I didn't have projects to work on anymore, and there wasn't any "coloring" to be done, so I kinda took a break.

Christmas came around and so did the creative bug.  All I wanted to do was make something.  Anything.  So I started with the cards.  I'll be honest, the first one was a major fail.  I sat in my room and cried because I was fearful I had lost all of my card making abilities.

Ok. I didn't actually cry.  Instead, I trashed that card and carried on with my life.  Each card had to be different, and I felt pressure for every card to be better than the one before.  I have standards, people.  High standards.  So making cards was a delightful, yet slightly stressful at times, kind of process.  However, I did get a full dose of Christmas music in this year while I worked on all of my projects.

Alright y'all.  Here's my favorite card from this year.  I mean, I loved them all, but this one is dear to my heart because it's my Narnia card.

I knew that white gel pen I had to use in school would really come in handy one day. Hello snow.  I'm not going to lie, the lamp post is my favorite part. :)

Now I did a couple different things for gifts...but I kinda forgot to take pictures of all of them except for this one.

Those feet belong to the famous foot model, Aimie Long.  Now there is an inside joke behind that, which I'm going to let y'all in on.  See in a previous post, I referred to Elisa as a model and later on referred to Aimie as a foot model.  I was just going by the pictures, people...but I haven't heard the end of it from the girls.   Anyhow, I thought this picture was the perfect gift for Aimie this year after the foot model incident.  Love you, A.

I highly recommend a healthy dose of creativity at least twice a month.
Doctor's orders.
So go forth and be crafty. (no scheming)

Love your crafty (in a good way) friend,

Natalie said...

love your cards. love the narnia card. love your new blog design. love the yellow. my favorite part? it's that your thumbs are in your picture. cause i love your thumbs. ha.

Megan Klackner said...

thank you! hahahahaha. i love that you love that my thumbs are in the picture. that is me trying to be totally ok with my thumbs. :) a little bit at a time.

Laney Ruth said...

just read the last few posts, love them all! and especially the beautiful card that I was so privileged to receive. :D thanks Meg!

Unknown said...

yep I love all of your cards!