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.the old ark's a movin'.

For Christmas, Aimie gave me silly bands.  These weren't just any silly bands.
In fact, they weren't silly at all.
They were Bible bands.
Which is obviously WAY cooler.

Adam.  Earth.  Tree.  Bird.  Elephant.

And to answer your question.
No.  I do not wear them all at the same time.
Actually I usually only wear one of them...
It happens to be my favorite.

yes that is pike's peak in that poster...which i get to see this summer
::breaks into excited laughter::
The elephant!

Speaking of elephants.  Check out this amazing song.
I say "amazing" in a "this song is hilarious and awesome at the same time" way.
Nat. This is for you.

You're welcome.
Natalie said...