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.the {best} day.

I had more fun this weekend than I've had in a while.
Why, you ask?
Because Laney came for a sleepover & sister time!

Saturday started off with a quick stop at Starbucks.
We love our Starbucks.

Of course it was all gone by the time this picture was taken.
We had errands to run, and you can't run errands without Starbucks.
Or at least you shouldn't.
So we headed to Walmart.
Note: I do not like Walmart. 
Target is my happy place.
But for this instance I made a sacrifice in order to get ice cream.
And How To Train Your Dragon silly bands.
::Those were a last minute decision::

Then it was back to the house to make homemade pizza.
::because "pizza's delicious!!"::
Let's hear it for homemade pizza!
::there will be a post all about it soon. a cooking blog. oh boy!::
After eating our scrumptious pizza, we made cards for a good 3 hours.
Best 3 hours of my night.
I love making crafts with best friends.  It's less lonely.
And we listened to my {valentine's playlist}

To end the night we watched {leap year}
A perfect valentine's weekend movie.
Sigh.  And it's in Ireland.
And there are great accents.
I'm all about a good accent.

Sunday morning came around to show it's beautiful, sunny face.
It was GORGEOUS outside today!
After lunch with the fam, Laney and I headed to the park to take pictures.
We love pictures.  The End.

 so cute.

 supah windy.

And then Laney started ignoring me.
When this happens I know it's time for a Sweet Cece's run.
She needs fro yo. 

Mmmmm. Delicious.
You may think that was all to our day.
But no.
How can this day get better, you ask?
Well let me tell you.  Free concert!
Shane & Shane were doing a free concert up at Lee University where Laney is going to school.  So we went.  And it was awesome and worshipful.
Seriously.  The perfect ending to our wonderful day.

I had the best day with you today. 
Laney Ruth said...

Yay! I love this blog. :) Our weekend was amazing and SO MUCH FUN! :D