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.cowboy country.

I miss Texas.
I miss my host family.
I miss the grandkids.
These absolutely precious kids.




I miss london boy.
aka:: gypsy man.
aka:: josh.
I miss being called random british words I don't understand.
It was entertaining for sure.
Texas was a very diverse cultural experience...

Awkward photoshoots are the best.
Hahahahaha. Oh man.
What a day.

I miss downtown San Antonio.
The Alamo.
The river walk.

I miss that big Texas pride people have for their state. 
However, I always kept them in their place by reminding them that it was Davy Crockett from TENNESSEE who brought volunteers to the Alamo.
Thank goodness for Tennessee.

I miss Texas bar-b-que. 
And cowboy towns.

The cowboy store :: where you go to get your cowboy.
So convenient.
We have something similar ::but not as awesome:: in Tennessee.
The Men's Warehouse :: where you go to find your man.

I do NOT miss these creepy creatures.
I am certain they were a result of the Fall.

I miss Texas thistles and flowers.

And I miss car rides to nowhere in particular with best friends who come to visit.

Texas, I miss you.


Natalie said...


i miss driving around aimlessly in texas too! good times.