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.snail mail.

I got home from work tonight to find I had a letter in the mailbox.
A letter!
I love letters!

They are so personal ::and fun to make. see here & here::

Not only did I receive a letter, but Rapunzel was on the back??
I LOVE Tangled.
So perfect.

So thank you beth joy ridings for my sweet, encouraging card.
Can't wait to see you in may. :)


That's not all folks.
I saw this video on twitter today.
Thank you Zachary Levi.

Star Wars lovers.   Enjoy.

I could not stop laughing at this amazingness.
I want to hang out with that kid.
All day long.

That is all.
Elizabeth said...

oh girl! melt my heart!
i laughed right after i put that in the mailbox... because 10 seconds later i opened my box and there was a letter sitting from you ♥ goodness me, we must have the same love language!