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.week{end} update.

howdy strangers.
oh wait.
i've been the stranger.
i'm so sorry.
it's been far too long.
here are some highlights from my week{end}.

a. spending an abundance of quality time with my sister, laney.
we had a slumber party at my grandparent's house, which means i got to spend time with them too! bonus.  we watched movies {john wayne included. of course.}, laughed til we couldn't breathe {no joke}, made friendship bracelets {yes we did}, shared secrets, talked about boys, life, and colorado.

b. babysitting.
i babysat for a new{ish} family saturday night. temple had come over to hang out with evie and connor a few times before when i was taking care of them, so we had met.  temple and i played with crafts, evie came over for a bit, we watched the little mermaid, and temple told me how she really felt.  keep in mind she's 3.

"miss megan?"
"yes temple?"
"the first time i met you, i thought you might be really mean, but now i can say i really love you. you're not mean at all."

reason number 4,892 why i love kids.  completely honest about their feelings.

before she went to bed, we had to go outside and look at the moon. did y'all see how amazing the moon has been the past few nights? saturday night it was supposed to be the "super" moon. so we went out on the front porch to look at the moon.  i asked temple what the moon looked like right then and she said,
"it's so bright. it looks like it's made of stars." adorable.
c. ultimate frisbee.
it had been a while since i played a good game.  especially after {this} happened.
plus i wouldn't have gone had it not been for laney. it was her suggestion.  so i picked her up, and we went to get our frisbee on y'all.  laney is a beast when it comes to this game. she's a super star and has officially taken my place on the ultimate field. {it's ok laney. i still love you.}
we arrived, we played, we got sunburnt, and we were sore.
annnnd we were sore.
did i say that already? sorry.

d. colorado in {56 days}