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.home {away} from home.

it's six weeks away.
{it} being colorado.
6 weeks from today i will be in one of my favorite states.
{forty-two days away}
rocky mountains. take me home.
yeah i just mixed two john denver songs.
so what.
and in {44} days, i will be deep in the colorado mountains
seeing this wonderful place.

and for your enjoyment,
an extra photograph
{from 2005}

please notice the only girl in that raft.
yep. that's beth. 
oh beth. 
can we go rafting this summer?
ok cool.

Laney Ruth said...

Makes me so extremely excited. :D

Elizabeth said...

i laughed OUT LOUD when i got to the last picture!!! we will be there soon... oh so soon!!!

Megan Klackner said...

i love that the guide is completely oblivious. a calm in the storm. hahaha.

Elizabeth said...

i just looked at this again....
time is flying by...
all to soon we will be screaming on those rafts again!