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.a list.

i'm 22 years old and i still like to make friendship bracelets. 
thank you, laney.

my bffls came in town last weekend.
{including bethany!}
so glad she got to meet everyone.
we laughed til we cried.
and watched {rio}
you haven't seen it yet?
you should.  hilarious times.

i dreamed of eagle lake.
which in and of itself was a good thing,
except in my dream i forgot to pack important things,
a client from work was chasing me {scary}
i couldn't ever get anywhere on time,
and people weren't talking to each other.

speaking of eagle lake...
colorado in {25} days.
holy cow, batman.
time is flying.
i. can. not. wait.

heading to the atl tomorrow
for Passion's {good friday} service.
i'm taking some pretty cool people with me.
so excited to have this experience together.

over and out.