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.someone like {you}.

i'm back.
back in the land where crickets cry
childen were born to chase fireflies.
i left my rocky mountains behind
for hazy blue hills that appear all around you.
i can't say it's not good to be back in the south,
but i feel like my heart is still in colorado.
i miss the people.
their voices.
their laughs.
i hear them every day.
{yes. i'm hearing voices. somebody help me.}
this summer has left it's mark on my heart and my soul.
i will always remember.
i will continue to grow and learn from it.
dear {elc} friends,
i will never forget you or what we learned from each other.
you have changed me forever.
and i am thankful for someone like {you}.
now go have a new adventure.

Elizabeth said...

the only adventure I want to go on is one with you!!!