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.back in the day.

this reminds me of my childhood.
i never had an epic feather pillow fight.
but i did grow up with a bunch of boys.
playing in the woods every day.
dressing up.
tennessee style.
ya know, with coonskin caps and all.
back when davy crockett & daniel boone were our heroes.
building forts.
going on missions.
crawling through the briar patches.
exploring until the sun went down.
the days when our imaginations ran wild.
there was nothing we could not do.
we were unstoppable.
we were fearless.
we were adventurers.

Laney Ruth said...

back in the day when, laney would cry because her legs were too short to keep up with megan and the boys. but good times none the less. :)

Meredith M. said...

i love this video

Megan Klackner said...

back in the day when i had no idea we would be best friends, lil lane.
i love you.