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.goodbye 2011.

last night i started reflecting on this past year.
what had happened.
where i'd been.
what i'd learned.
i've been through my first full year of being a college graduate.
and let me tell you,
there have been some ups and downs.
this year there has been a lot of hurt.
a lot of pain.
a lot of questioning.
but through all of that, there has been a lot of healing.
there has been a lot of love.
unconditional love.
one year ago i was applying to work at [elc].
something i never thought i would actually get to do.
i will forever be grateful for my time there this summer.
for the people i met.
for what Jesus taught me.
i was looking back through my journal
[because i became a lover of journaling this year]
it's amazing to see what i struggled with at the beginning of the year
and how i have grown throughout the past several months.
he taught me how to love.
he taught me how to trust.
not perfectly.
i don't always love like i should.
i still have my doubts.
my insecurities.
but i know Jesus is there.
i know he's made me a promise.
so i will trust him.
this year i was given new friends.
and new relationships with old friends
who are now best friends.
there is nothing better i could ask for.
i have been blessed.
today is a new day.
a new year.
and i'm starting 2012 off at [passion]
3 days worshipping Jesus with some of my best friends.
ones i know will be with me through this next year.
 i couldn't ask for a better way to start 2012.
a new chapter.
with Jesus in my heart
and friends by my side.