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[olympic] thoughts.

well i've never won a gold medal for any of my thoughts
but i DO think about the olympics. a lot.
my family and i love the olympics.
always have. always will.
for 2 weeks, we sit ourselves in front of the television every night.
completely involved in the competition going on.
we yell at the tv and cheer for people by name who we don't know,
[but we wish we did]
everyone has their favorite events to watch.
mine have always been swimming and gymnastics.

because i swam competitively from age 7 through high school.
i was a fish. i lived and breathed swimming.
my parents threw me in the lake at age 1 and said, "swim, child!"
because i tried being a gymnast and, 
unlike my brother, 
i actually have a sense of fear.
i never made it to the high beam, folks.
being a gymnast obviously wasn't mean to be.
that's okay. i was more comfortable in the water anyway.
i still love watching gymnastics!
i just have to remember to breath.
it's so stressful!

tonight we are getting ready to watch gabby douglas win the gold,
missy franklin torpedo herself through the water, 
and  michael phelps and ryan lochte redeem themselves.

also, i get teary eyed every time these commercials play.