weekend reunions. | THE KLACKNERS


weekend reunions.

today, three of my college besties were in town.
one of us got married this past may, and we hadn't all been together since then.
it was a beautiful, blue skies, wind in your hair kind of day.
and by wind in your hair, i mean freezing cold wind in your hair.
like i couldn't feel my face.
it was worth it.

we visited two of our favorite chatt town spots
and walked across the walnut street bridge that spans the tennessee river.
it's one of my favorite parts of my city.

fun fact: 
the walnut street bridge [completed in 1891] is tennessee’s 
oldest non-military highway bridge still in use today.
that's your history lesson for the week.
you're welcome.

i'm so thankful for these girls.
that we can pick up right where we left off.
today was a reminder of how blessed i am by their friendship.
my heart is happy.