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a day with bootleg meg.

i thought i'd share about my day. i know you're dying to hear. since i'm either stuck on the couch [due to a broken foot] or at the doctor's office [i just had surgery on my neck] these days, it's not much. but it's my day! you ready for this?

1. my outfit consisted of clothing other than yoga pants & a t-shirt for the first time in a week and a half. baby steps, people.
2. i remembered to put on deodorant today [pain killers also kill your memory]
3. a trip to target put me in a motorized wheel chair which was humiliating and hilarious. in case y'all haven't had this experience, those things go about 1.7 mph
4. i haven't gotten to wash my hair in 4 days [doctor's orders - don't judge me]
5. the les miserables soundtrack has been on repeat and i have memorized it word for word
6. naps
7. movies
8. naps

exciting stuff, huh? come back tomorrow where i'll show you how fast i can race down the hall on crutches! just kidding. i need to keep my other foot intact.

later homies,
bootleg meg