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lessons learned.

things i've learned from having a broken foot:

you only have to find one shoe to wear instead of two. chacos are always a good choice.

people come up with all kinds of examples for you of how you broke your foot.

>> a woman at the doctor's office asked me if i'd broken it while cheerleading. me? a cheerleader? what a joke. she also thought i was 15 years old.

>> the medical team at the hospital said i should tell everyone that i broke my foot by kicking a bear in the face. totes hardcore.

walking around with crutches is going to give me super muscular arms. watch out, wonder woman.

you don't realize how much you do every day until you can't do it anymore.

therefore, it's okay to ask for help.

skinny pants are your best friend. 

i'm really good at standing on one leg. if anyone needs someone to play the part of a flamingo, i'm their bird.  but can my costume look like kevin from UP? okay thanks. i like to be different.

happy weekend!

p.s. my hair is clean and four shades lighter. glory be.

Unknown said...

You are so cute! At least they thought you were a fifteen year old cheerleader...people usually think I'm just a fifteen year old :) Hope you get better soon!