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nutella for life.

it is world nutella day.  how did i not plan for this??
you better believe i'll be taking advantage of this discovery once i get home tonight.
i'll probably eat nutella straight out of the jar. because i can. and because i'm a rebel.
confession: i do that anyways.
don't give me that look.
haters gonna hate.
my favorite use of nutella? other than eating it out of the jar...  crepes.
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crepes with nutella and strawberries are the best. hands down. don't argue with me.
well okay, and with rasberries. those are delicious too.
and now i will stare at these pictures and drool until someone brings some crepes by my office.

p.s. check out [a cup of jo] here for some nutella filled recipes.
p.p.s. you could totes use one of the picture's recipes on valentine's day. they both include something red! you're welcome.
p.p.p.s. i'm on bloglovin' now. :) just thought you should know.
Allison said...

Nutella is my life. Haha just kidding...kind of. So many amazing recipes out there. I just made Nutella stuffed french toast the other day and it was amazing!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Love yours!

Ali W. said...

OH MY GOSH. SO making me crave a crepe with Nutella and strawberries right now!! You are so right! That combo is the best.