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one day more.

i have been humming [one day more] from les mis since i woke up this morning. why?
tomorrow is the big day!
i will hopefully be freed from the use of crutches and get to re-introduce my left leg to the concept of walking. it could get crazy, y'all...

you thought this post was going to be about valentine's day? joke's on you.
but since you insisted, i'll tell you about my valentine's day plans anyways.

1. learn to walk again. best. day. ever.
2. take myself out for ice cream.
3. let my friends know how much i love them.
4. snuggle with my puppy.
5. watch tangled. my fave.
6. and dance. well, probably not. but a girl can dream, right?

Morgan Reece said...

love this post! cause i love les mis and tangled. :) anywho....just found your blog...super cute..


Elizabeth said...

you cutie.