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the doctor.

watch this, they said.
you'll love it, they said.
i did and i do.
but currently i'm recovering from the heartbreaking season 2 finale of doctor who.
the only reason i can continue watching this show is because i know rose and the doctor will be reunited at some point. in the past? in the future? in a parallel universe? who knows!! but i know they will see each other again.
how do i know this? 
well see i was an emotional wreck after watching said episode and the best friend called to let me know that it was all going to be okay. she knows everything.
thank goodness for besties who get as attached to fictional characters as i do.
yes, i am aware of the nerdiness. thank you and goodnight.

p.s. downton, anyone? i'm going to need therapy for years.

Elizabeth said...

well crud. i haven't watched Downton yet but why does it have to be sad?!!?!


check that link out. SOOOO me watching Dr. Who