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minnetonka who?

so minnetonka is doing a 31 days of spring giveaway. fun, right?
alright, so i'm sitting in my room minding my own business, and watching dr. who when i get an email saying that i had won one of the days!
i was nervous, but excited.
nervous because i was worried it could be a scam.
but excited because…well...free minnetonkas!!
imagine my surprise when a box with these beauties showed up in the mail two days later.
i'll be honest. i wouldn't go into a store, see these and go "oh i could totes pull those off". i mean, i don't think i've ever owned anything with tassels. however, i have decided to embrace my inner pocahontas. so you may see me trying to rock these shoes this summer.
i really do love them.

have you ever had a pair of minnetonka mocs?
i have this pair and they are the comfiest!

p.s. check out this giveaway! who doesn't want a kitchen aid mixer? :)
kristyn said...

those are SO cute! i used to have a pair and they are super comfy. lucky you! :)

grace & love,

Sassy Lemonade said...

I've never heard of the brand, but those are super cute!

Elizabeth said...

i want to see them on your feet! rock it cripple!!!

Anonymous said...

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