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tangled confusion.

y'all,  who knew that rapunzel had a twin brother?!?
he was obviously locked in a treehouse and has his own movie that no one is aware of yet.
he is a total hipster and cleans his beard with a soap you've never heard of.
i'm pretty sure katniss discovers him while she's climbing trees and hiding from president snow.
but what do i know?
i know that bropunzel has got to have some great pick up lines.
i mean, he's had years to create them.

here's your homework:
come up with your best bropunzel pick up line. i wanna hear them!

happy saturday, homies!

got big plans this weekend?
Jenna Brianne said...

HAHA! this is great!! Bropunzel...I am totally giggling to myself right now like a lunatic. no shame.

also, this...http://bgospelm.tumblr.com/post/28912891865

-Jenna Brianne

Elizabeth said...

"and every last inch of me is covered with hair!"

oh wait, Gaston already tried to use that one!

Amy said...

ah, i totally couldn't come up with a good line....lame sauce.