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weekend update.

- two friend dates, good fellowship, and good conversations
- hour long phone calls with my bff while walking around target
- i was super excited to see all the trees budding and flowers blooming [however, today it is snowing. cray cray.]
- i bought these shorts
- wearing my chacos for a whole day. y'all, i have my last appointment for my broken foot this week and will hopefully get the go ahead for cute shoes again. no more tennis shoes!

the fear by ben howard
somebody's gonna love you by matt wertz
you're gonna miss me by lulu and the lampshades
firewood by regina spektor
rivers and roads by the head and the heart

1. during my second year as a crew camper at elc, my counselor wrote a fairytale about my best friends and me. i still have a copy.
2. when i was in kindergarten, i won a goldfish at my school's spring fling. i named her wendy. i was obsessed with peter pan at the time.
3. my family is scottish…on both sides. my dad's side of the family comes from this tiny little place. and my mom's comes from here. we're a little nerdy about our family heritage. but hey, i think it's important to know a little somethin' somethin' about your ancestors. plus, history is my thing.

what's one random thing about you?
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Carly said...

Those flowers! so pretty!


Amy said...

SNAP! those shorts are cute, and so modest! love it!!
Love regina spektor, matt wertz, and ben howard (how are we not besties?) and i'll have to look up the two other bands!
I'm scot-irish! i'm thinking of joining ancestry so i can trace further back! :)
Random thing about me:
I really, really wish i was fabulous at scream-o music...weird right? ha.