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thursday's letters.

dear pollen, we are not friends. i just wanted to make that clear. you feel like sandpaper on my eyes. dear nat, we get to hang out tomorrow. two weekends in a row? too good. dear seed helicopters, you make me feel like a kid again. dear phillip, i'm coming to see you on sunday. can we sing together? okay great. dear colorado, it'll be you and me and the best friends in seven days. can't wait.

do you have fun plans this weekend?
ThistleAshD said...

helicopters would make me feel like a kid again too! I don't think we have any in North Texas though, sadly

Amy said...

i am LOATHING pollen right now. I think there is a new strand out or something because i've never had allergies bother me, now all of a sudden i feel like i've been hit by a truck!
I love seed helicopters! :)

Elizabeth said...

wahoooooooo. colorado. ps: we have no pollen here so that works out for you!