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weekend update.

- staying up late with my besties, telling stories and giggling like little girls
- late night fro yo trips. delish.
- calling aimie's baby "dolly" all weekend (we don't know the gender yet), but i decided that should be the baby's name since her last name is barton. dolly barton. it's funny, y'all.
- picking out clothes in a maternity store, for aimie, obvi. that was a first.
- seeing the catching fire teaser. eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

- fresh flowers
- longer, lighter days
- pollen. JOKE.

1. the chronicles of narnia is my favorite book series. period.
2. when i was little i had a crush on robin hood, disney addition. he was super foxy…

what are your favorites things about spring?
Amy said...

i have yet to see the trailer yet (no internet at the house, can't watch it at work!) EEEKK!
Dolly barton = hilarious! :)

And girl yes, robin hood...disney addition - hotness!
I had the biggest crush on Aladdin.

Kiki said...

What a fun weekend! I agree with you on those favorite spring things. I'm definitely loving the sunshine (when it decides to make an appearance, that is!) and the flowers. But not the pollen!

And yes. The Catching Fire trailer/teaser was amazing. Cannot wait until November! :)

Allison said...

Super foxy...haha. I'm laughing out loud. And I love Narnia too. My mom and I are going to visit my sister in Indiana soon to see a stage PLAY of The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. We are so excited!!!!

henning love said...

i like the name you come up for the baby dolly and it goes perfectly with barton and would work except if it is a boy. staying up, catching up and hanging out with friends sounds like a great weekend to me!

Elizabeth said...

you and your friends are hotties.

Elizabeth said...

you also are wearing the same shirt in all those pictures - just different colors. GAP looks good on you!