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weekend update.

i'm a bit behind this week because i was in colorado for a long weekend visiting my bestie! i got home monday, or should i say tuesday morning at 1:30, and had to be at work a few hours later. worth it. colorado, it never gets easier saying goodbye to you.

- new inside jokes and new renditions of taylor swift's "i knew you were trouble"
- weekends in colorado with my best friend
- trips to the zoo to see the elephants and giraffes
- an afternoon of dr. who watching with beth
- waking up and seeing pike's peak right out the window
- lots of extrovert time, which was much needed for this girl
- laughing and crying (mostly from laughing) more than i have in a while

- we bought a zoo
- war horse
- les miserables
- dear john

1. i would wear nike shorts and a pocket tee every day of my life if that was acceptable.

2. my current favorite dessert snack is chocolate covered pomegranates. dark chocolate and fruit! it's got to be good for me, right??

3. lately i have been dying to go to the beach. i just want to sit in a chair under an umbrella with a good book and my toes in the sand. so if anyone wants me to stay in their beach house, i'd been happy to. ;)
Elizabeth said...

i love you so much sweet friend. colorado (and mostly me) misses you so much. thanks for showing me how much you value our friendship by using your vacation time and spending your money on a trip to see me. it blesses my little heart more than you know! love you.

Amy said...

we bought a zoo is one of my favorite EVER movies. SO GOOD! I'm so glad you're spending time with Beth...seriously she's awesome, you're awesome. =) double awesomeness!