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weekend update.

- babysitting my favorite kiddos three times last week.
- a weekend in nashville for alex's bachelorette bash! 3 1/2 weeks til her wedding!
- our last get together as a core group...sad but sweet.
- a trip to anthropologie. i want the whole store. anthro, why do you have to be so expensive??
- the brother got back to the usa safely. 3 1/2 weeks til his wedding, too! california, get ready.

- i was walking into the building where i had a doctor appointment and when the automatic doors opened, an older man walked out and said "howdy" as he passed me. i think i was caught off guard because (a) he spoke to me, and, (b) he said "howdy". the first response that came to my mind was "g'day" (like i'm australian or something), but i realized how weird that was before it completely came out of my mouth. so all that came out was an awkward "guh" before i stopped myself and continued walking. oh, my life.

1. i do not like bell peppers
2. my favorite fish to eat is salmon...preferably grilled
3. one of my favorite snacks  is an apple with nutella. yum.

it's tuesday and i'm already looking forward to next weekend.
<< do you have memorial day weekend plans?? >>
Amy said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend {as always!}

Kiki said...

Babysitting fave kiddos is ALWAYS the best.

I'm also with you on the anthro thing. If only it wasn't so expensive!

And that awkward moment totally made me laugh out loud and only because similar things have happened to me. :)

Allison said...

Haha. I think g'day was the perfect response!!!

Elizabeth said...

bruce loves that sorority picture of you ;)