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adventures in cali // coronado

i'm missing cali a whole lot more than i thought i would. it probably has to do with the fact that vacation is over and i'm back at work. i'd much rather be sitting on the beach, in the sun, watching the waves, and reading a good book. that is the life.

after our morning in la jolla, we headed over to coronado island for a long walk on the beach. y'all, the sand there sparkles. i was obsessed. as in, i turned into a three year old little girl, and (a) couldn't stop looking at it, and (b) wouldn't stop talking about it. magical sand! it was like pixie dust. i thought peter pan might show up at any moment.

the afternoon wrapped up with ice cream and a stroll through the hotel del coronado. AKA the del.

fun fact: the hotel del opened in 1888. that's 100 years before i was born, folks. at that time, it was also the largest resort hotel in the world. you've now had your history lesson for the day. you're welcome.

Carly said...

Aw I love the Hotel Del!