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adventures in cali // la jolla

well i am back from my big california adventure. as you know, wedding weekends are pretty busy, but we made some time to see the pretty places and to hang out with some sweet friends.

first destination: la jolla.

this place is beautiful. i could have sat in the sand all day and watched the waves roll in.  we walked along the rocks, down on the beach, and admired the cutest houses you've ever seen. and then there were the seals. so. many. seals. let's just say that watching them try to get from the water and up onto the rocks is impressive and incredibly entertaining. the day ended with a killer sunburn because i forgot sunscreen. brilliant. at least it tans, right??

seeing as the brother and sister-in-law live in san diego, i now have a good excuse to go back and visit. next time i'm bringing the sunscreen.

Carly said...

I love La Jolla, isn't it stunning?


Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds quite a good moment to relax... I love sitting in the sand and just admire the waves, it's such a relaxing feeling,

ThistleAshD said...

gosh i loved la jolla. I went down to where all the seals were laying. i'm sure i walked in seal poop, but literally standing next to a seal made my life for eternity!

Elizabeth said...

beautiful pictures! i love the ocean!