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music and lyrics // as isaac

happy wednesday, friends!
you are halfway to the can do it!
i wanted to give you some new music to help you through the rest of the work week.
one of my old high school friends is in a band called As Isaac.

sidenote: i say "old" because i've known this kid since we were awkward 15 year olds and he was going through a phase where he just really wanted to have a pony tail (gross). don't worry, he made it through alive and we are still friends. phew. it was a close call. now we are just awkward adults in our mid twenties. some things never change, folks.

anyway, they make some pretty great music. so you should totes check it out! their first album is currently free on noisetrade, but not for much longer, so go get it now! like today. okay go.

also, their new album //headed for my home// comes out on june 11th, so be sure to grab your copy. and if you happen to be in chattanooga this friday, come on out for their album release concert! you can get the event info here.

and because i know you just can't wait until june 11th, here's a sneak peak from the new album.
it's called //highway// and i haven't stopped listening to it for days. enjoy!