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a day in the life // new adventures

last week i read jenny highsmith's post on making habits and setting goals and knew at once that i wanted to participate. i've had some things in mind that i wanted to spend time on but i hadn't committed to, and it was time.

real life moment: this is me. messy hair, sitting in my ikea chair, typing away. you're welcome.

background // i graduated from college three years ago and as it became clear after a year and half of searching that i was not going to find a job in my field of study, my motivation to be creative slowly died a little. a year and a half of cold calls, interviews and "no's" will do that to you. it crushes your soul, people. just kidding. sort of. i was a graphic design-turned-interior design major, so creativity and designing filled my days (and nights) for 4 years and the occasional DIY projects post-graduation just weren't cutting it.

i've played around with the idea of opening a print shop for a while now.
i've hesitated because:
a) i have a real fear of failure
b) i'm nervous to put my meager creations out on the world wide web for errrrbody and their mom to see and judge
c) my computer died in a tragic accident where i had to delete its memory in order to save its life. poor baby mac. in the process, i lost my photoshop program. so here i am, several months later, using a trial version, until i'm forced to pay again :)

today // i have finally decided that i need to be brave and start sharing some designs with you. so here we are. the point of this for me is not to be the best (because i know i'm not), or to makes lots of money (who needs it? ha!),  but to keep my creativity flowing and to continue learning. to work on something that i really love and enjoy. that's when i thrive most. who knows, maybe someday i'll actually be good at this ;)

my goal over the next two months is to design at least six different prints to put in the shop. i want to teach myself something new in photoshop each week. i've been obsessed with the gold foil trend going on these days, so that's what i wanted to focus on first. last weekend i sat at my desk, watched tutorials, ate too much ice cream, and put together a few designs. and guess what? i designed an iphone wallpaper for you! i'm thinking i'd like to give you a new one every week or so. how does that sound? okay? great!
download this:

on top of starting to design prints, the blog is getting a makeover and some other fun changes this fall!! i'm really excited for you to see it. :) now, go be awesome today.

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Jenny Highsmith
Unknown said...

Amazing goal! I can't wait to read about your process/progress.
Good luck, Megan!


Samantha Shepherd said...

You go, Meg! I know it's scary to step out there, but you have a whole network of people around you to support you. Keep on pursuing what you're passionate about! :)

tori. said...

Love it!!!

Amy said...

shut up.
You are so talented friend! <3
Definitely open up a shop...and challenge yourself. :)

Jenny Highsmith said...

I love it Meg!!! I'm so glad you have joined in :)

kristyn said...

I'm so happy for you!! It's rough out there, especially for creatively focused people. But there's hope! I think a print shop is a great idea, and I can't wait to see the other lovely creations you come up with :) Praying God continues to lead you as you embark on this new creative journey!

Elizabeth said...

so proud of you my sweet friend!