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DIY // instagram frame

so i like instagram. it's my photgraphic journal for all of you to see. it's how i keep up with besties who are far away. and it's how i keep up with you, my sweet blogger friends! my instagram feed is filled with a lot of precious memories that are saved on the world wide web, but i wanted copies for myself. so i used printic and postalpix to print off a bunch of my photos. there are seriously lots of ways you can decorate with instagram prints, but i had several old frames sitting around my house that i wanted to use. i'm sure you've all seen this while skimming through pinterest feeds, but here's a little tutorial for you.

what you'll need::
- picture frame
- spray paint (optional)
- chicken wire
- wire cutters
- staple gun
- clothespins (or some other type of clip)
- intagram prints

i'd suggest taking your frames and spray paint outside or you may end up with a killer headache. i was working on another project a few days ago and was using mod podge in an enclosed space. let's just say i got a tad loopy.

i had just enough of this metallic paint leftover from another project for two coats on this picture frame. make sure you let the frame dry thouroughly before continuing.

next, roll out your chicken wire over the back of the frame and measure how much you will need. take your wire cutters and clip along the wire. be careful, though. dealing with chicken wire is not for the faint of heart. owwww.

lay your trimmed piece of chicken wire over the frame to make sure you have cut it properly. it's okay if you have a little extra on the sides.

then take your staple gun and start stapling up one side. i put a staple in every 2-3 inches or so. once you have one side done, start on the opposite side of the frame. as you staple, pull the chicken wire tight so it's not too lose or flimsy once you're finished. trim or fold over the excess wire on the sides of the frame and you're done!!

pin your instagrams to the chicken wire for a fun new display. i used baby clothespins from hobby lobby, but you can use whatever kind of clip you'd like :)

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Amy said...

this is SO CUTE! & looks like such an easy thing to do!
I might have to do this for my office!
ps where did you find the frames? thrifting?

Alyson said...

I have been wanting to do something like for a while. If not with chicken wire then def with string. Thanks for the reminder:)

Elizabeth said...

i see me.

Unknown said...

Megan!!! This is adorable?? Remember that Christmas that I made crafts for everybody as their gift? I made one of these for Tera out of a rustic frame from Hobby lobby. I loved it! :) I can't wait to make one for myself some day.

Tina from PostalPix said...

Hey Meg,

Love this DIY! With your permission, we'd love to share it on our blog as well. We'll be sure to credit you for all the photos as well as the DIY. :)


Tina | PostalPix

Megan McIlvaine said...

hey tina!
thank you! please, share away! i love y'all's app...i need to order more prints phone is filling up with new images that are dying to be printed! :)

Tina | PostalPix said...

Yay, we love hearing that! If you have more DIYs to create, please tag us on Instagram/Facebook/wherever.. we'd love to see 'em! :)

Thanks again!

Tina | PostalPix

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

Love this MEgs!!!

Megan McIlvaine said...

aw shucks. thanks :)