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mug swap 2013 // the reveal

i am back from my mississippi adventures and will fill you in as soon as i've had a few naps and a good cup of coffee. now, on to the mug swap!

let me just start off by saying that this mug swap was SO fun. if you weren't able to participate this year, i highly recommend marking it on your calendars for 2014!

i was partnered with annalise over at sweet anna's. you should check out her blog for fun recipes and cute pictures of her kiddos.  i looked lots and lots of places for a mug that i wanted to send. finally, a couple days before the deadline i found it. it was super cute, colorful, and the perfect size for wrapping hands around.

my mug came from sweet katie over at food, wine and mod podge. you should check out her blog if you get the chance! she sent me the cutest mug from kim westad's shop. it's a beautiful piece of work. i love it!! and it doesn't have a handle which is unique! the noise i made when opening the box was a mixture of a shriek and a giggle. i get overly excited about snail mail anyway, but even more so when the snail mail is a mug in one of my favorite colors. i will definitely be sipping some deliciousness out of it over the next several months. if you don't hear from me for a while, i may or may not be in a hot chocolate coma.

and get this...i just so happened to receive two other mugs the same week! one was a bridesmaid gift from my cousin's wedding, and the other was a birthday present from the best friend. i'd say my mug collection is coming together quite nicely :)

bridesmaid gift :: handmade by the groom's father

birthday gift :: from lindsay letters

a big thanks to kim over at a cuppa kim for hosting and coordinating this swap! you rock.
GoodnessGathering said...

I'm pretty certain I would have squealed over the mug without the handle too...what a beauty!

-Goodness Gathering

Amy said...

shut up.
I LOVE all three of these mugs...and that one was hand made?!?!
:) great mugs girl!

{cuppakim} said...

that teal one is a beaut.
and the be true - someone got that in the swap and i'm currently restraining myself from purchasing!

and how AWESOME is the handmade mug. i love gifts with that added touch.

the package you sent out is SO beautiful! :) thanks for being a part of it all!

Elizabeth said...

girl!!! all these mugs are great!!! wahoo. i love em.

Elizabeth said...

ps: i love the handleless mug with the pretty dots!

Kiki said...

Wow, you lucked out with three beautiful mugs! I love them all--especially the handleless one with the pretty white dots! :)

Lora said...

wow! what a unique and beautiful mug!