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thursday's letters // the bayou

dear roadtrips, you are good for my soul. new places with old friends. a weekend adventure is just what this little heart needed.

dear mississippi, your sunsets are majestic. seriously. also, i almost feel like this little grassy spot belongs in middle earth. #nerdalert

dear bayou, your alligators don't scare me! okay, maybe a little.

dear Jesus, thank you for beautiful friends and healthy pregnancies.

dear texas, thank you for giving me this wonderfully unexpected friendship 3 years ago. i love having ginger friends ;)
dear aimie, i'm so excited for you to be a mama! now tell little evie it is high time to say hello to the world. can't wait to snuggle that little nugget at christmas!

dear ocean, my perfect day would be sitting on the shore and listening to your waves crash in all day without getting sunburnt. dear fair skin, good luck with that.
my trip to southern mississippi was so refreshing. we were really hoping evie girl would make an appearance during our visit, but for the time being, she is super comfy right where she is :) overall, it was a beautiful weekend with besties who aren't afraid to speak truth and who encourage and love well. thank you, Jesus, for friends whose hearts are seeking after you.

p.s. don't forget to have your gifts shipped by september 16th (that's monday!) for the etsy swap! :)
Amy said...

<3 <3 <3 all of these pictures. were these dslr pictures or phone pictures? either way = love them!
Looks like y'all had so much fun! & girl i am READY for fall + beach...that is the best time, it's not super hot, or super cold - just gorgeous.

Jenny @ Coffee + Honeycomb said...

Wow, I love this series! :) I may or may not implement this somewhere on my blog... Hehe. This is also such a great and fun way to reflect on your "thursdays." :)

XO. J.

Elizabeth said...

what a lovely time!