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weekend update // rivers and roads

happy tuesday, y'all! big changes here on the blog this morning. it has a new name!! and a new design!! i feel like a kid on christmas morning.

first, i'd like to start off by thanking sweet kiki over at in its time for all of her hard work on my new design. she was so fun to work with and so patient when i asked hundreds of detailed questions :) thank you thank you thank you, kiki. you are such a blessing!

second, rivers and roads. what? as some of you know, i would love to open a print shop and "i have thoughts" just didn't fit my idea of a good shop name :) really though, i think rivers and roads captures my love of adventure and the outdoors and the general idea that this life i'm living is a journey. one that isn't always easy, but one worth taking.

third, if you currently have my button on your blog, would you do me a huge favor and grab an updated one? thanks a bunch! you're the best!

you may or may not have noticed a couple new items. shop & sponsors.

i have opened a shop on society6 but am just getting started. i have some of my photography listed and will be adding prints as i design them. this is not a process i want to rush, but will be learning and posting as i have time :) thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging about this new little dream of mine!

the sponsors page is a work in progress as i am still figuring out exactly how i want to handle that aspect of the blog. so stay tuned!

if you are new around here, please don't be shy! say hello, make comments, ask questions! i love getting to know you :) now, on to the weekend update.

- jenny & tyler concerts. love getting to see this sweet couple when they come to chatt town.
- wedding flowers that actually dried well
- watching the sunset from my favorite bridge
- having my first ever blogger meet up with samantha. yay blogger friends!
- lazy sunday afternoons strolling around my city
- cool(er) morning temperatures. autumn is just around the corner!

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- this UP inspired birthday party
- a new van gogh painting was just unveiled. i can't help but wonder if The Doctor was there when it was painted...
- this etsy shop full of pretty washi tape!!
- tyler ward's version of "roar". the harmonies...mmmmm.
- kiki posted about these washi tape stickers. i want!

i've also teamed up with beth from oak+oats and kristyn from milk+crown for a sweet little giveaway to celebrate, so go check it out after noon today!

kristyn said...

Oh my goodness, I love your new blog design! And the name is perfect :) I'm so excited for you as you begin this new creative endeavor. I'm sure you will have a lot of success, congrats girlie!

Amy said...

the name, the design, the buttons, the EVERYTHING.
You + kiki did some fabulous work.
Uh now i want to know how you did the date circles - i want that haha.

seriously Megan, this is just freaking awesome!
now time to go stalk your shop.

Kiki said...

Aaah! It looks even better in real life! So excited to see where this blog takes you next, girl!

p.s. Thanks again for letting me work on this with you! I really couldn't have asked for a better person to work with!

Britney said...

Kiki did a wonderful job! I love it! Come to my blog now :)

Elizabeth said...

I am so in love! so beautiful meg. so you!

Samantha Shepherd said...

I'm just now catching up with blogs and wanted to let you know how phenomenal your new design is! Seriously it looks wonderful. And the name? Love it. "Rivers and Roads" just screams adventures and Tennessee.

So glad we had our first meet up! I'm already looking forward to other adventures in the future. :)

Natalie said...

what?! they discovered a new Van Gogh painting?! that is incredible! and i totes bet the doctor was there when van Gogh painted that! oh and the blog looks awesome!

Jenny @ Coffee + Honeycomb said...

I would love to do a blog swap with you once you finalize your sponsorship portion. :)

And Jenny&Tyler? They're great. Saw them first perform at Wheaton College and then tried to partner with them to host a Benefit Concert for an organization I am part of on campus... They are beautiful people. :)

XO. J.