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DIY // autumn wreaths

my core group and i took a week off from our regular bible study to have a craft night. autumn edition. we decided to go with fall wreaths for our homes this season. now, there's no right or wrong way to go about creating a wreath. there are many different options of wreath frames to go with: wire, foam, wood, etc. then you have to decide what materials you want to use to turn that frame into a beautiful autumn-esque creation. i'll be the first to admit that going to the craft store can be a ltitle overwhelming. so here are three tips for you.

1. set a budget. crafts are not cheap, y'all! those tiny, cute stamps you just threw in your cart cost you $15 easy. and that time you decided you needed to buy every shade of metallic spray paint they had? no. just, no. i tend to walk down the isles of stores dreaming of all the crafts i could create and think "I WANT ALL THE THINGS." but really, you can create a whole lot out of a little. so set a budget and don't get too crazy, but still have fun!

2. make a list. this goes along with setting a budget. if you make a list of what you need or at least have a pretty good idea of what you need, you won't walk out of the store having spent your whole paycheck on felt and hot glue. also, before heading out to the craft store, check around your house to see if you have anything leftover from previous projects that you can use or re-use. the woven wreath i used has been in my house for years. it's been put together and torn apart more times than i can count, but it's still useable! i'm all about recycling old projects and can almost always find a few of the necessary materials around my house.

3. take a friend. it always helps to have another pair of eyes and a true friend who will keep you from buying that hideous fabric that you were planning on using for table placemats. whew. close call.

p.s. cookies and narnia playing in the background are a great addition to craft night
p.p.s. the two wreaths on the right are a work in progress. we ran out of time :)
Allison said...

Ah! These are gorgeous!!! This sounds like the perfect night...Narnia too? Yes!

Amy said...

ummm STOP
seriously they are all awesome.
& the two on the right are still in progress?!?!? They look fabulous as is (seriously!)
uh...I want to craft now!

Unknown said...

Love these! And the bottom right "in progress" is my favorite! And the cookies and narnia! I'm 100% vicariously living through you.

kristyn said...

These are SO cute! What a fun idea :) I love the two bottom ones. You're crafty!

Unknown said...


i love love the bottom two.
gosh, I'm usually so on top of wreaths, but this year i've been so slack! You've inspired me to get on it! :)

again, lovely job.

Kiki said...

I LOVE all of those wreaths! They're all so pretty and so perfect for fall.

And I also agree with everything you said about going to craft stores! Whenever I go to a craft store I always feel like I could buy everything on their shelves--that is, until I look inside my wallet. :)

Briel Banks said...

I WANT ALL THE THINGS! Lol. Love the wreaths. Love.

Becka Swofford said...

Oooo sounds like a perfect craft night! I think the top right is my favorite, but they are all really lovely. Now I think I need to make one for my front door :-)

(I'm excited to start following along on your blog)