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evie june.

guys, i've reached a new stage in life...my friends are having kiddos. if you've been reading for a while, you've already heard about evie june here and here. aimie and i were college besties and she's the first of that group of friends to have a baby. she and her hubs decided to come to chattanooga this past weekend for an impromptu visit! i was SO excited. originally, i thought i'd have to wait until christmas to meet evie, so you can imagine my reaction when aimie texted to say they were coming in town. i squealed a little.

on sunday, we met downtown at coolidge park // my fave. i got to hold the precious nugget while she slept, feed her (from a bottle, y'all), and just talk about life...i did most of the talking...she's only 4 weeks old. i did try to teach her how to say "aunt megs" but i think that one's going to take a little while. sigh. it was a beautiful afternoon full of cool autumn breezes, friends, and babies. the best.

isn't she just the cutest thing? baby picture overload. i'm obsessed. sorry i'm not sorry.
Amy said...

oh my goodness - she is absolutely ADORABLE! seriously....ahh little babies are everywhere!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh my, how darling is this little lady! such wonderful and warming photographs!

lindsey louise


Life As The Coats said...

Where do you live in Tennessee?! I live in Tennessee as well & LOVE finding other bloggers from here! So exciting!! :)

Unknown said...

Great photos! You look so comfortable with the baby! I'm kind of weird around babies, I never hold them. Last time I held a baby was when I was visiting a friend and she asked me if I wanted to hold the baby and I responded with, "uhhhh, sure..." So props to everyone that holds babies happily and comfortably!

Nicole said...

AHH!! She is such a little peach.

Also, ps. So happy you are doing the Christmas exchange as well. It looks so much fun!!