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weekend update.

- a fall photoshoot. it was nice to break out the DSLR and shoot with something other than my iphone.
- receiving two sweet notes via snail mail. internet friends are real, y'all.
- planning a 1st birthday party for a friend's son. this is going to be fun!!
- coffee dates
- buying plane tickets to colorado. i'm going for thanksgiving!!
- sunrises each morning on my way to work
- sketching out some ideas for christmas prints :)

evie june
adventures in tennessee // pumpkin pickin'
music & lyrics // ben howard

QUESTION: do y'all watch Once Upon a Time? what are your thoughts on this season??
Christina said...

snail mail always has a way of making the day just a little brighter :)

Loving your sketch!

Unknown said...

Any time you post any photos of Tennessee, I'm always like, "awww Tennessee."I'm always missing the mid-west. Also, are you originally from Colorado...? how did you end up in Tennessee? Or is it the other way around.

kristyn said...

ooh, I love how you wrote "white christmas," that's gorgeous! Christmas prints are so fun :) And blogging friends are SO great, how sweet is that!

Julia said...

Snail mail is the best! Also, so is your sketchings. Super cute.

Lisa Vivian said...

Your weekend recap is so cute! I love the short, to the point, format. Beautiful photos, too ;)

Amy said...

+ uh the "white Christmas" - love it. seriously, can't wait to see what you come up with!!
+ fall photoshoot?! can't wait to see this!
+ Colorado again?! I'M SO JEALOUS!
+ snail mail = love ;)
+ umm I just saw another blogger talk about that coffee shop, I want one here, it looks delicious!