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a year with shadow.

this week last year (i don't remember the exact date) i brought a 15 month old puppy home for a long trial weekend to see if she would be a good fit with our family and our other dog. the weekend went well and i fell in love with the cutest and quirkiest dog i've ever known and her fur in always in a perpectual state of bed head. i just had to keep her. here's a look back at our first year with shadow baby.

 // things shadow likes //
long walks
chasing squirrels
playing in the back yard
digging holes when she's bored
picking on her older sister pup
licking your face
sitting in your lap

 // things shadow dislikes //
thunder storms
getting her nails done
being left alone
sharing attention time with ceilidh (our other pup)
wearing reindeer antlers
sorry i'm not sorry for the ridiculous amounts of puppy pictures. our dogs have always been a part of our family and shadow has certainly found her place in our home. she's weird and silly and makes me laugh on a daily basis and i wish i'd known her as little puppy. dogs are the best, y'all. you'll never find another animal that loves you unconditionally and with their whole heart. 
“A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water logged stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary?” 
// marley & me //

Jessica said...

aw, what a cutie! My dogs don't like reindeer antlers either (and my cat even less so). Dogs are amazing.

meg pitts said...

she is so cute!!! Our old dog is part of our family too... gotta love them!

Allison Renner said...

AW! I love her wiry hair coat. She is precious!! So glad you kept her.

Jenny Fish said...

Shadow is absolutely precious. Love the bed-head look!

Jessie said...

aww, precious! dog is really a girl's best friend

Megan McIlvaine said...

i think shadow definitely has some irish wolfhound in her. she looks like a smaller version of one! i think she has a tiny bit of terrier too. the family i adopted her from thought there could be a smidge of a lab in her. so we aren't sure what exactly she is haha! she's a our little mystery dog.

Megan McIlvaine said...


Megan McIlvaine said...

thanks :) that's one of my favorite things about her!

Megan McIlvaine said...

me too! i've grown up with chocolate labs and they have super soft coats, so i wasn't sure how i felt at first about shadow's wiry coat, but i love it now. i shaved her down over the summer becuase she kept getting overheated and she looks cute both ways!

Megan McIlvaine said...

it is the best!

Megan McIlvaine said...

haha our chocolate lab will actually keep her antlers on, but shadow is too hyper for it. they don't stay on long :)

Megan McIlvaine said...

she's a sweetie :)

Megan McIlvaine said...

love! what kind of dogs do you have?

Robyn Black said...

we have a basset hound & a sheltie! they are so different & so funny together!

Moons & Junes said...

oh my goodness! She's so precious! Do you know what kind of dog she is? We have a dog named Cadillac (Caddy) and he's part irish wolfhound, part mystery. Caddy and Shadow have so many similarities. I wonder if she has some irish wolfhound in her? ... (or some of whatever mystery breed Caddy has on his other side.)

Asia @ The Cracked Lens said...

Awww she's so cute!

Robyn Black said...

i love dogs!! we have 2 as well! Shadow is so, so cute! & so is Ceilidh!