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Q & A // moons & junes

today i want to introduce you to my friend, shayla. she blogs over at moons & junes and runs an etsy shoppe selling the cutest mobiles ever. shayla was kind enough to share some about herself and her shoppe, so check that out below!

1// When did you start designing mobiles?
I designed my first in June of 2012, shortly after my daughter was born. We hadn't found the perfect 
mobile for her nursery yet, so I opted for making one. After the first, and after my daughter came, I suppose the juices just started flowing because I just kept having ideas and making more and more mobiles.

2// Why the name "Moons and Junes"?
Moons & Junes is part of a lyric of a song I was listening to while trying to decide on a name (a month long mission). The song is by Joni Mitchell. It's called "Both Sides Now". The lyrics say "Moons and Junes and Ferris Wheels, The dizzy dancing way you feel, As ever fairy tale comes real, I've looked at love that way". It was kind of perfect for the way I feel about my daughter, as well as the way I want the feel of my creations to give.

3// What inspires your work?

My daughter, Fern, of course. As she's grown I've been getting further from creating mobiles, and I've been on to creating other things. I've added little tipi's, which I sell in a local shop here in OKC, and I'm working on a few more concepts.

4// What made you decide to open an etsy shop?
Last April, I had a house of about 5 or 6 designs, I had created since having Fern. With nowhere to put them, I decided I'd try my hand at an etsy shop. Surely somebody else had my style in mobiles. I opened my etsy last April (2012).

5// Out of all the mobiles you've made, which has been your favorite?

They're all my favorite, for one reason or another. Every mobile I've made, I've had hung over Fern's bed. I alternate them as they sell, and then create more. Every mobile means something different to me, and reminds me of a different process, and the time put into it. I'd say if I took the emotional ties out of it, and focus solely on design, my favorite would be the original one I made for Fern. It's here in the shoppe.

6// In a few words, how would you describe your design style?

Whimsical and soft, but at the same time, timeless. I want them to grow with the child and even appeal to adults. I strive for a fairly neutral palette. I want the looks to be soft and soothing for a nursery, but at the same time, I would never want to spend money on something or my child that she would grow out of in a year (apart from clothes). These mobiles are soft and delicate for nurseries, but they're also mature. I've sold many mobiles to single adult customers who just want to hang them as decoration, and I celebrate that. It's money well spent for something that isn't truly "necessary".

7// What are you goals for your shop over the next year?

I'd love to get more variety in my shoppe. I don't know what that will be, but something to add to the etsy shoppe. I don't sell my tipi's over etsy because I don't want to have to deal with shipping them. I'd love to expand. I've thought maybe even prints and nursery art. I don't know...we'll see where Fern takes us.

8// What is the motto//mission statement//quote that you live and work by?
"I want to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life." by Elsie de Wolfe

thanks to shayla for hanging out on my sidebar over the past month! you should take some time to check out her blog and her shoppe. i promise you won't regret it! i absolutely love this blogging community and the friends i've made thanks to sponsorships. in the spirit of christmas i'm offering 50% OFF all advertising packages through december 24th. promo code: BUDDYTHEELF
meg pitts said...

I love Moons and Junes! I wondered about the song lyrics... love that song too! Thanks for sharing!

laney said...

these are great. so creative and pleasing to the eye! fun post. :)

Christina Main said...

LOVE Shayla!!!

Samantha@Elah Tree said...

Shayla is so sweet! Love her!

Megan McIlvaine said...

her wedding was beautiful!! i wasn't there...obvi...but the pictures were gorgeous. :)
and i know!! i want one for my house regardless of whether or not i have kids. haha

Megan McIlvaine said...

aren't they? i love them all! she just added a fun new tree mobile to her shop. it's adorbs.

Megan McIlvaine said...

she is such a sweetheart!

Megan McIlvaine said...

me too. me too! hooray blog friends :)

Megan McIlvaine said...

have you seen the new tree mobile she added to the shoppe? it's so cute!!


Amy said...

oh my goodness - I LOVE her wedding picture, so gorgeous!
uh - her mobiles are gorgeous. it makes me want to just hang them in a non-existent nursery...or even in my bedroom! so beautiful! (the cloud one is just fantastic!)
and her tipis! I WANT ONE!