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HANAair // product review

okay let's talk hair products. more specifically, hair dryers. i was asked by misikko to do a review of one of their hair dryers and was more than happy to oblige. mine was literally falling apart. no really, pieces had actually fallen out and i was sort of scared to point it at my head because i thought something might fly out and impale me. yikes!

when the hair dryer arrived i was so excited to give it a try! a real live hair dryer that isn't trying to kill me? yes, please! okay, this hair dryer by HANAair is the best one i've ever used. i have pretty wavy and incredibly thick hair, but it's not a pretty wavy if you know what i mean. i went through this really awkward phase, and by phase, i mean like all of middle school and high school, where i didn't have a clue how to take care of/fix my hair. it takes a powerful dryer to get my hair thoroughly dried and a high heat setting on a flat iron to get it straightened.

now let's talk price. i'll be honest, i've never paid more than $25 - $30 for a hair dryer. i don't HAVE to have a hair dryer that's more expensive, so i usually go with a less expensive version that still gets the job done. this is a salon grade hair dryer so i understand the price being higher. it is a sleek and well-made product that i believe should last a very long time, while cheaper hair dryers i've owned have fallen apart within a year or so.

it has two fan speeds and three heat settings, which includes cool air for setting your hair. it dries hair my well without severely damaging it or drying it out, if that makes sense. this dryer is also tourmaline, titanium oxide & silver infused, and i can definitely tell that my hair dries more smoothly and with far less frizz.

overall, if you have the funds to treat yourself to a high grade hair dryer like this, i completely recommend it. check out misikko to see all the products they have to offer.

// i was gifted this product by misikko for the purpose of review, but my opinions are 100% my own //
Amy said...

umm hello - this is a GORGEOUS hair dryer, the sleekness alone is fabulous!
I have to have a hair dryer that is able to use a diffuser attachment. since I rarely blow-dry my hair anyways, the only time I do I have to use a diffuser for my curls. :)

Megan McIlvaine said...

isn't it? i love it. it came with a concentrator attachment (which i forgot to mention. oops!) and i'm sure there's a diffuser attachment available. but yes, i understand. my cray cray wavy hair requires a diffuser if i'm going to wear it that way, which is basically never. i wear it straight or i'll curl it.