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weekend update.


-- amy and i announced etsy swap 2014 last week, and we have been so surprised and excited at the amount of sign-ups already!! keep 'em coming. this is going to be so fun!! :) p.s. don't forget!...there's a giveaway involved for everyone who blogs about the swap to help spread the word!

-- we got 9 1/2 - 10 inches of snow on wednesday night!! i woke up on thursday to a winter wonderland. i spent the entire morning sledding with my mama while we waiting for the ice and snow to melt on the roads. then i had to head to work. boo.

-- i spent the weekend in knoxville with my bff. because of the holidays, and family being in town, and our crazy lives, we hadn't seen each other in over three months, which is weird for us. knoxville is just an hour and half away, so we take turns visiting each other. it's a blessing to have one of my besties living so close!

-- i got a postcard from hogwarts in the mail this week. best ever. i'm so glad i have best friends who send me nerdy snail mail.

-- the weather was delicious yesterday!! almost 60 degrees outside! don't get me wrong...i LOVE the snow, but spring, you tease me.

-- 39 of the funniest animal photobombs
-- check out this cover of "let it go" from Frozen!
-- pretty backgrounds for february...or anytime, really.
-- edible spray paint??
-- 32 ideas for a blog post

february sponsors
music and lyrics // ed sheeran
etsy swap 2014 | spring fever
five things

how was your weekend? what did you do for valentine's? are you ready for spring, too?
too many questions? sorry ;)

Robyn Black said...

those animal photobombs!! so funny!!!

wow ya'll got a lot of snow!! we got about 6 inches here. i am SO ready for spring!!

Megan McIlvaine said...

i love the snow, but give me a couple warm weather days and i get spring fever. i am so ready now. :)
P.S. i mailed off your print on friday, and it should arrive today or tomorrow! :)

Samantha@Elah Tree said...

Edible spray paint! That seems nuts! Also, totally watched that "let it go" cover, loved it!

Amy said...

i am so excited about this round of etsy swap!!!! :)

Megan McIlvaine said...

me tooooooo! so many participants!

Megan McIlvaine said...

right? i'm not sure if i'd be to weirded out to actually eat it, but i love the idea!
wasn't that cover so great?? love it.