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we have officially entered into the spring season, and i couldn't be happier about it. however, tennessee hasn't really gotten the memo yet. we are still going from 70 degree days to 40 degree days. nevertheless, i am loving watching the world come back to life as the trees blossom and flowers bloom. i asked my sweet sponsors about their favorite parts of spring. see what they had to say!

samantha | elah tree
Favorite things about this spring; heading to Joplin to see my brother and heading to Nashville in May to see Tyler's dad! Can't wait! 
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allison | allison ramsing
My favorite part about spring is all the gorgeous flowers that are blooming and seeing sunshine more frequently! 
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robyn | our invincible summer
spring is so delightful! it's one of my favorite seasons - which may be due to the fact that i loathe winter and spring brings me sweet relief! my favorite things about spring are the amazing weather & the extra daylight! i love getting home from work and feeling like i have a day left! especially since the weather is so great - i am just beckoned outside! :) i love being outside as much as i can during spring because all of the colors are so vibrant and the earth has this feeling of new life!
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amy | taking steps home
i love that spring is all about new growth. its a chance to see what areas you need to prune so that new growth can happen.
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betsy | heavens to betsy
One of my favorite parts of spring are the smells!  There's just nothing like that warm sunshine that brings out the scent of flowers, and dirt (yes, dirt!).  We've had such a long, snowy, cold winter that I can't wait to wear a pair of shorts and some sandals and smell spring rain and flowers and fresh-cut grass!  I don't think I've ever ben more excited about spring!
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christina | sweet lavender bake shoppe
One of my favorite parts about Spring is the longer days. It's just a little sample of what's to come with summer, and I love summer. Fall and winter (although grand in their own ways) bring about shorter days and cold crisp nights. So when Spring comes, I'm more than happy to hang outside in dresses and skirts, and into the later part of the day. There's nothing like a gently warm Spring evening with the sun setting late into the day. 
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lorraine | this pilgrim's progress
My favourite parts about Spring are the longer and brighter evenings and the dramatic play clouds and light in the temperate forest I live in. Spring is usually wet enough to see mist lift off the forests or having heavy clouds shroud the mountains. The "golden hour" seems to last for ours, and there's sometimes a very cool contrast of snow dusted trees and fresh green leaves.
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Amy said...

i love that all of our favorite parts of spring bleed into each other!!

Christina Main said...


Amy Dawn Bishop said...

Spring really is the BEST!

Robyn Black said...

South Carolina is doing the same thing!! it was 70s and nice over the weekend and it's been 30s in the morning and 50s in the afternoon all week. i loved this post & it made me so excited about a consistent spring!! :)

Megan McIlvaine said...

me too! we are supposed to have a little bit warmer weather this weekend and i'm excited!

Megan McIlvaine said...

yes ma'am it is!

Megan McIlvaine said...

spring time for the win!