1 | Etsy Swap.  My Etsy goodies arrived this week from my swap partner, and I squealed with joy! Ahhh! I can't wait to share everything with you during the Etsy Swap link-up. It is on Wednesday!! Dont' miss it. :)

2 | Noosa yoghurt. My best friend introduced me to this goodness, and our Costco finally started carrying it! I'm so excited. I've only tried the raspberry so far, but I hear the lemon is so delicious!

3 | Blogger retreat. I was in Gatlinburg all weekend in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. What was I doing there? Meeting lots of bloggers I'd only ever known via the internet. Ha! It was such a blast getting to hang out with those women and hearing more of their stories in person. I have SO many pictures to show you from the weekend, so stay tuned!

4 | Hiking adventures. Before we headed our separate ways, Amy, Meg, and I drove through the Great Smoky Mountain National Forest to find the trail head for Laurel Falls. The drive was GORGEOUS, and the hike was just as beautiful. I loved exploring with those friends!

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Elizabeth Than said...

So cool to be meeting fellow awesome possum from the blogosphere! I bet you had a wonderful time. Can't wait to read all about the adventures!

Meg McIlvaine said...

It was so delightful! I can't wait to share pictures!

meg - me with the three said...

Such a fun weekend. Can't wait for the next one!!!

Madison said...

Love all of the photos I've seen so far that you took over the weekend! I can't wait to see all of your Etsy swap goodies! :)

Leah Mancl said...

I loved the video of the second-graders. It cracked me up! And I can't wait to see what you got on your Etsy swap. I love stuff like that. :)

Samantha@Elah Tree said...

Ahhhh! Can't wait to hear more about your weekend!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

I cannot wait for more photos!

Amy said...

oh snap! costco carries noosa?! dude i need to see if mine is carrying it. target carries their pumpkin one and it is DELICIOUS!
i'm still dreaming of that drive.
i want to take that drive every day of my life. and i wish i had a dang go-pro on my dash so other people could get a laugh out of my potential "over reaction" to the trees :)

jessica church said...

doing an easy swap sounds like so much fun!!