1 | Apple pie. I baked an apple pie for the first time in my life last week. I was so nervous about it turning out okay. It looked and tasted delicious, but was a smidge runnier than I'd like. I'll have to work on that. :)

2 | Thanksgiving Day. We had our Thanksgiving meal up at my aunt and uncle's house, and then we came home, built a fire, and watched White Christmas and Harry Potter. I'd call that a win!

3 | Friends in town. My dear friend Aimie was in town with her hubs and baby. We got to spend a little time together hanging out and grabbing dinner in downtown Chattanooga. We tried to take a family Christmas photo for them, but the sun set so quickly! Next time. :)

4 | Christmas time is here. We went and picked out our Christmas tree on Sunday, decorated the front of the house with garland and lights, and we'll be decorating our tree this week! We tend to decorate in stages. Ha!

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Laura Jean said...

The apple pie looks delicious and I am sure it was. The first time I made one it was too runny so next time I just added a few more apple slices and it worked like a charm. Also your tree is adorable!

Rachel said...

That sounds like an absolutely lovely weenend and Thanksgiving! I am going to spend the day decorating with my Mom today!!:) I can't wait!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

I get to obsessed and antsy to decorate in stages!

Brittany Houchins said...

Your apple pie looks delicious! :) I love decorating for Christmas! I tend to decorate in stages too! It makes the process longer and more fun :)

Gemma Sands said...

Everytime I have tried to make an Apple Pie it ends up with a soggy bottom! I love decorating for Christmas - our tree went up yesterday :)

Amy said...

oh yummmm apple pie! yes please! i made an apple crisp last week and LOVED how it turned out (if only it was healthy to eat daily...right?! ;) )
i plan on starting to decorate tonight! :) i can't wait to get my house into the Christmas spirit!
ANDDD i'm super excited to look through all of your links!

Amy said...

OH MY GOSH PANNNNNNNNNNNNN that looks incredible!

Angela said...

That pie looks delish!! So many fun holiday plans are all over the blog world... it's fun to read about!

Kristen Cloyd said...

Your apple pie looks so good :) And White Christmas is my FAVE!

Victoria said...

I made my first ever pumpkin pie (I'm pretty sure) and it was okay, but it needs some improvements too! I used a fresh pie pumpkin and I'm thinking that it wasn't the best one.

Your hot cocoa/Thanksgiving/movie night and Christmas decorating sound wonderful! :)

Hannah Diane said...

You are so cute. I love your pictures!