1 |  Vacationing. While we were in Florida, we spent a day at Universal Studios. After the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, some of the balloons are sent down to Universal, and we got to see a shorter version of the parade!

2 | Rapunzel forever. Getting to see the land and tower of Rapunzel was a highlight for me during our Disney trip. I can't stop thinking about it!! She is my favorite princess. :)

3 | Christmas celebrations. My family opened presents on Christmas Eve together and we played games while watching It's a Wonderful Life. #classic. Some family came over Christmas day for games and yummy food. We still have our tree up (and will for another week, at my request) because the season isn't over til it's over. ;)

4 | Forever friends. I can't believe it was just a week ago that we got to meet up with one of our old camp friends during our last day at Disney! We hung out in Downtown Disney, grabbed coffee, walked around, ate lunch, and enjoyed catching up on each others' lives.

5 | Into the Woods. We went to see the movie over the weekend, and I am still trying to decide how I feel about it. I only knew a little bit about the original before seeing the movie, so I was surprised by parts of the storyline. I liked the majority of the movie, laughed out loud several times, and the music was incredible, but the ending made me feel weird. There were just a lot of mixed messages in there. I say go see it for yourself (or Redbox it later) and tell me what you think!

6 | Unbroken. I also saw this movie over the weekend, and it is a must-see. Louis Zamperini's story is one worth knowing and worth sharing. It is extremely difficult and beautiful at the same time. He was an incredible man, and I highly recommend seeing the movie as soon as possible.

-- Thomas Kincaid styled Disney scenes
-- A trip to Yosemite is on my bucket list.
-- Someone teach me how to create this hairstyle.
-- What's on your list of travel essentials?
-- My southern soul loves me some good baked beans.
-- Cinderella, Cinderella, I can't wait for Cinderella!

Well, I kind of took last week off (for the first time in forever), so you didn't really miss a thing! I just needed time to relax and celebrate Christmas without worrying about this little space. But I'm baaaaack. :) I'm excited to begin a new year and new adventures in the blog world!

Elizabeth Than said...

Sooo jealous, still! Into The Woods is still not out here in Singapore yet, but your review made me excited and on the fence at the same time.

Alyson said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed Unbroken! I have read the book and my husband just finished so it might be something for us to do on New Years day:)

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

I saw the Cinderella trailer before Into the Woods and I am SO excited!

Stacia said...

I haven't seen Into the Woods yet but am a HUGE fan of the stage musical. There's a good recording of it starring Bernadette Peters that I would highly recommend. I hesitate to see the new movie because they took out a couple of the original songs that I thought were super important, but I'll probably break down and see it soon. :)

Amy said...

the lanternssss the lanternsssss <3
i've heard mixed reviews for into the woods...so i really want to see it to decide for myself!!