1 | New Year's Eve. My dad and I went to see The Hobbit together. It definitely wasn't my favorite of the three...a little too long. But I'm glad we went and finished out the trilogy! I spent the rest of my night at home in my comfy clothes and watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which is one of my favorite movies in all the land.

2 | Babies. One of my coworkers had a baby before Christmas and I got to go visit her and the little nugget last week! He is so precious, and I could hold him forever!

3 | Moving day. Some of my friends moved over the holiday into a larger apartment to make room for their precious little girl who will be arriving this spring! We moved and unpacked boxes upon boxes upon boxes. :) I came home and collapsed on the couch. Moving is exhausting!

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emma said...

ended up just hanging around with my family on New Years Eve... and our city has something called 'sparkles in the park' where there's lots of lights set up, free carousel rides, and fireworks so we went to that :)
oh, and love that mash up soo much too!!

Stacia said...

Babies are always so exciting!

I adore the Chattanooga walking bride! My husband proposed to me in the amphitheater underneath it, so it has a special place in both of our hearts forever. :)

Rhiannon Langford said...

Thanks for sharing the one little word article! My word for 2015 is give.

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

That is funny because I loved this hobbit the most :)

Natalie@OpenDoorTraders.com said...

Yay for baby cuddles! Moving IS TOTALLY exhausting for sure--this the first year since we've been married (out of the 3.5) that we haven't moved, its been bliss :)

Amy said...

i LURVE that picture of you and beth!

i haven't figured out my word for 2015 - actually, yes i think i have haha.
AND GIRL thanks for linking to meeee ;)

Allison Renner said...

Seriously that picture of you and Elizabeth twinning is too cute! And I agree about the Hobbit. I enjoyed it, but not my favorite. LOTR was so much better!

Meg McIlvaine said...

Gurrrrrl, thanks.
I don't have a word yet either. I usually ponder mine for half of the year before I actually talk about it. haha.

Meg McIlvaine said...

Haha! You should try LOTR again :)

Meg McIlvaine said...

Oh I like that!

Meg McIlvaine said...

That is adorable!! Love proposal stories :)

Meg McIlvaine said...

Sparkles in the park?? It sounds magical! I want to go :)