1 | Winter times. Winter in Tennessee has it's fair share of cloudy and gloomy days, which makes this season hard for me. I need sunshine and blue skies. We had a couple of really pretty days last week that I made sure to soak up!

2 | Scarf it up. A little sneak peak of our TriStyle & Co. challenge for February. Come back tomorrow for all of the details!

3 | Nerds unite. I was thinking this week how glad I am to have friends that love and appreciate the nerdier things in life. It sure is nice when your friends have the same interests as you and don't make fun of you for them! ;)

4 | Sunday Post Challenge. Beth at Oak and Oats has started a nine week snail mail challenge that you should all be a part of! I got a head start wrote my snail mail on Saturday. It's such a rewarding thing to send sweet notes of encouragement to family and friends. Join the challenge and have fun along the way!

-- Love these beautiful and cozy wedding reception photos.
-- From west to east.
-- Don't ask me why I'm single.
-- Yummy raspberry coconut smoothie.
-- Spend Valentine's Day at home.
-- Use your words.
-- Babies driving through tunnels.
-- I could live in this cabin.

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meg - me with the three said...

Oh my gosh... those babies. I wonder what they're thinking when they go through the tunnel? And didn't you know... that's the cabin we're going to run away to?!

Amy said...

we had a BEAUTIFUL day here yesterday high of 66 and just sunshine. i literally drug a blanket outside and fell asleep. hahahhaah. sometimes you just need a day of sunshine in the middle of the gloom!
now off to check out those links! (especially pumped about the babies in the tunnel!)
(also NEW TriStyleCo CHALLENGE! holla!)

Amy said...

OH MY GOSH THE BABIES! that was so cute (the one comment of them having flash backs to their births - i was dying)

Laura Jean said...

Your Instagrams of nice sunny days have me jealous over here in the snowy tundra. And woohoo, can't wait for the details of the new TriStyleCo challenge!

Stacia said...

I loved the sunny days last week! They are a blessing in the midst of what can feel like endless Tennessee winter gloom. I'm glad you were able to soak them up, too!

TheJessaOlsonBlog said...

I forgot about it but I write it down in my planner. I have a few ideas.

Meg McIlvaine said...

Haha! I wish it would at least snow here if it's going to be cloudy all of the time! :)

Meg McIlvaine said...

Amen sister.

Meg McIlvaine said...

I am so jealous of your warm weather! I need a nap outside in the sun. BAHAHAHAH I didn't see the flashback comment. That is hilarious!

Meg McIlvaine said...

Bahaha I know. It's so funny. Whaaaaaaat...now I'm super excited!

rachel alise said...

I am so ready for warmer weather and more sunshine! :)