1 | Ice ice baby. Iced coffees are my jam. I admittedly drink them throughout the cold months on occasion, but as soon as the warmer weather rolls in, it's iced coffee for days.

2 | Top knots for life. Guys, I wear my hair up more often these days than down. It is so simple, keeps my hair out of my face, eliminates static hair issues, and makes me feel like Tinker Bell. ;)

3 | Pollen is in the air. Spring time is well on its way, and the air is dense with pollen. It won't be long before the world is covered in a layer of yellow.

4 | Snail mail. I love sending mail that will bring some cheer and a smile to my friends. And participating in Oak + Oats' Sunday Post Challenge makes it all the more fun!

-- Oh, you work out?
-- DIY iced coffee.
-- Life moves fast. Slow down.
-- A slice of heaven.
-- I love "get to know me" posts.
-- For you, the weary hearted.
-- Local adventuring.
-- Robert Downey Jr. He's cool.
-- What kind of introvert are you?

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Elizabeth Than said...

I don't think I can ever get such a nice top knots like yours. Mine would be like cactus, wild ones here and there.

Caroline @ TheCollegeCosmo said...

I had Sunday brunch at Beast & Barrel on the North Shore in Chattanooga this weekend, and it was so so good! Definitely a local gem.

Meg McIlvaine said...

Oh so fun!! I haven't been there yet. I've walked by it countless times, though!

Meg McIlvaine said...

Haha that is okay! Messy top knots are cute too!

Samantha@Elah Tree said...


"Do you know who that is?" "Iron Man." "What's his name?" "Robert."

Best ever!

Meg McIlvaine said...

I knooooow. Oh my gosh, it's so cute.

Chelsea said...

That card is so cute!

chelsea said...

These are always such fun posts. I really dig the top knot look, I bet it's super cute on you.

Arina said...

I'm in the iced-coffee-year-round camp. It drives everyone around me nuts, because I crank up the heat in my car/office/house to compensate. Brandon rejoices when it gets warm enough that I don't have to bundle up to enjoy my coffee!

Amy Hodgdon said...

I'm so glad you're having some warmer temperatures! We are definitely feeling spring here too these days-although not quite to the iced coffee stage yet! :)

Stacia said...

Your top always looks so perfect. :)

Meg McIlvaine said...

Oh thanks!! I'm a sucker for cute cards ;)

Meg McIlvaine said...

Thanks Chelsea!

Meg McIlvaine said...

Haha! I love that!

Meg McIlvaine said...

Psh thanks girl ;)

Hannah Olson said...

Meg, thanks so much for including my post in your list of links!! I am seriously SO touched! :)