Oh happy Monday, sweet friends! It's been a while since I've been around here on a consistent basis, and I want to give you a little update. Life has been CRAZY since my move to Colorado. Crazy good. Crazy overwhelming. Crazy exciting. Crazy emotional. Summer is quickly wrapping up, and I will have officially lived through a whole season in the wild wild west. It's a little hard for me to believe that I moved here in May...seems like an eternity ago. Turns out, my goals for keeping up with this space over the summer on a regular basis were maybe a little unreasonable. It's not that I don't have things to share with you, or that I don't have dreams and plans for this space, but I have felt incredibly exhausted and spent emotionally and mentally. Apparently moving somewhere new, starting and learning a new job, and trying to make new friends takes a lot out of you. ;)

So here's the thing. September begins tomorrow and I think I'm finally ready to give a little more time to this community. I plan on being here three to four times a week with new content and adventures and life stories to share with you. Thanks for sticking with me this summer, and for giving me grace during this transition. A huge shout out to those of you who sent me sweet, encouraging emails and notes over the past couple of months. You have no idea how much that has meant to me. XOXO.

1 | Last Sunday we had a garden party dinner at a friend's house. The food and twinkly lights and friends were wonderful. The stomach bug half of us caught that weekend was not as wonderful.

2 | I got to go hiking at work last Friday with a coworker, which was so fun! There are several trails on our property that I haven't been on and am excited to explore. I hadn't filled my outdoor adventure meter in a while, and it was so good for my heart to be out and about breathing in all the fresh air and capturing all the tiny details.

3 | You may have seen this on Instagram, but I am not the best plant mom. I bought two baby succulents back in May, and only one of them is still living and it is a bit sickly. Thanks for your helpful suggestions on Insta! I'm hoping to bring the little guy back to a thriving status.

4 | This weekend I helped the boys cut and hang drywall in the Mayberry's basement. I loved it!! Learning new things like that and seeing walls go up and a space come together is something I really enjoy. Plus, it was fun to have good brother time. Just got made fun of for two days straight. What else is new? ;)

You've never seen a newborn photo shoot like this.
Frozen in 2D.
I'm so excited for a Colorado autumn.
Loving this quote.
Helpful tips for lifestyle photography.

Tell me: How have you been? What was one of your summer highlights? Did you go on any exciting vacations? Do you have any fun plans to wrap up this sunny season? I'm all ears!