Dear #holdersnotfolders, we are in the final stretch of our end-of-summer series, which has tip-toed its way into autumn just a smidge. We have one week and one prompt left! Can you believe it?? I love this growing community of ours, and I'm so grateful for the ways you all encourage and build one another up. Let's keep using this little hashtag that reminds us to reach out to others and build community instead of simply folding into ourselves long after this series is over. :) 

Here are a few of my favorite BOLD moments from this past week. I love the ways you captured the bold colors and bold actions that were part of your every day.

This week, your photo prompt is COLORFUL, and I honestly think you guys can knock this one out of the park. When I think of colorful these days, I think of the magical yellow aspen leaves. I cannot get enough of this Colorado autumn. Maybe your mind goes to the colorful leaves, or maybe you interpret colorful a little differently. It's really all up to you and your endless creativity. I can't wait to see how you capture those moments! Go big or go home this week, friends. ;)

HOMEWORK: Make sure you follow @oakandoats and @megmcilvaine on Instagram and get creative in the ways you show us the COLORFUL things in your life! Don't forget to #holdersnotfolders and make new friends in this community! XOXO.